Mental Toughness Assessment

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On a sliding scale, select your response to each of the following statements with never on the far left and always on the far right.

For responses in the middle, position each slider accordingly. For example, if your response is in the mid range between never and always, position the slider in the middle for that particular statement.

If you are using an older browser, you may see a text field rather than a slider – if so, enter a number between 1 to 10 for each response.

Do not spend a great deal of time on any one statement; instead, think about your behavior in general.

Assessment Statements

1. When in confrontations, I do not let my anger show Never Always
2. People know my passion and values Never Always
3. I share all my emotions with my trusted friends Never Always
4. My family supports me Never Always
5. I have someone to talk to when I am down Never Always
6. I trust those close to me Never Always
7. I am in touch with deep beliefs and core values Never Always
8. I have the ability to stay calm during adversity or challenge Never Always
9. I can identify top character strengths in others Never Always
10. Building strong relationships is a priority for me Never Always
11. I have a knack for getting people to cooperate Never Always
12. I have a reputation for living out my values Never Always
13. People come to me for advice Never Always
14. I have a high degree of confidence in myself Never Always
15. I usually make decisions without talking to others Never Always
16. When bad things happen to me, I don’t get discouraged Never Always
17. Overall, I expect more good things to happen to me than bad Never Always
18. I would chose my current work again if I had the choice Never Always
19. I never let failure deter me from my goals Never Always
20. I live my life in a way that makes a difference to those around me Never Always
21. I can shut down counterproductive thinking to focus on the task at hand Never Always
22. I can adapt to challenges that come my way Never Always
23. When I make a mistake, I find ways to learn from it Never Always
24. It’s not the fault of others when things go wrong Never Always
25. Challenges bring out the best in me Never Always
26. Moderate stress brings out the best in me Never Always
27. I welcome setbacks and challenges Never Always
28. The gratitude muscle is one of my strongest muscles Never Always
29. I intentionally look for good things that happen in my day Never Always
30. I hunt the good stuff each and every day Never Always
31. People will tell you that I communicate clearly and with respect Never Always
32. When something stresses me out, I know how to solve the situation Never Always
33. I know how to map out steps needed to achieve my goals Never Always
34. I identify and correct negative patterns of behavior Never Always
35. I have a reputation for pinpointing problems and creating solutions Never Always
36. There are few situations in which I cannot cope Never Always
37. I try to not blurt out the first thing that comes to mind Never Always
38. Changes in my environment do not bother me Never Always
39. I look forward to changes in my routine Never Always
40. I am comfortable working in uncomfortable circumstances Never Always
41. I am a risk taker if it takes me where I want to go Never Always
42. I do not feel defeated by obstacles and roadblocks in my job Never Always
43. My vocabulary is full of words that are positive & upbeat Never Always
44. I give the job most important to me 100% of my attention Never Always
45. I rarely get distracted from my task Never Always