Case Study

I’ve been in a leadership role for years and have attended many conferences, been in an executive mentor program and taken many classes to improve my ability to lead. When LaRae Quy spoke at my company’s Women In Leadership event, her no-nonsense approach to leadership was intriguing. She asked questions that were thought provoking and not typically what you encounter in leadership training events. Her unique FBI experience has given her a different perspective, one that I found refreshing. I wanted to learn more about “mental toughness.”

I went to the LaRae’s website and took the FREE mental toughness assessment. My mental toughness score was 6.8 out of 10. The score was broken down by several areas, including emotions and thoughts—elements required to be a great leader! I learned these were two specific areas in which I needed to improve if I wanted to lead effectively. The thoughtful feedback was enough to interest me in the “How to Build an Unbeatable Mind” training course.

As I started the 8 module course I immediately felt like both the content and approach were different than other courses I’ve experienced. LaRae was an FBI agent, she had to survive and flourish in an environment that was male dominated, filled with danger, and where lives depended on how she responded. I knew from the first module I could learn a lot from this woman.

There were several key components that I took away from the lessons and added to my leadership “tool belt.” One example is the topic of Grit versus Talent. Of the two, grit is a better predictor of success. When I look back at my career, it is the times that I showed sheer grit to get things done that I experienced the greatest success. When I am interviewing employees moving forward I will be on the look out for passion and perseverance for long term goals. This behavior equals Grit—I want that in my organization.

The tips around meditation, and the actual practice and process to achieve a meditative state, were invaluable to me. I always knew this was important, but I never quite new how to do it. LaRae walks you through the process and the physical benefits. I have incorporated this into my life and already see the benefits.

When I first took the assessment I knew that I needed to focus on my thoughts and behaviors. As I anticipated, she provided me with the tools I needed to incorporate positive thoughts into my day. What was fascinating to me is the science behind “positivity;” how it actually rewires your brain and the way you approach things.

LaRae also provided tips on how to use visualization to empower yourself. She also added tips on how to predict your success that I consider invaluable.

I am happy to report that when I completed the 8 module course and retook the Mental Toughness assessment I improved my score to an 8.9. I am on a journey to make that a perfect 10!

LaRae, thank you for the time, energy, thoughtfulness, experience and authenticity you put into improving our ability to lead. This quote below makes me think of you!

Lori C. – Director, Technology

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”