Mental Toughness Center Interview Series: What It REALLY Takes to Succeed in Business and Life

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[vfb id=1]As leaders in our communities and businesses, we live in a complex and competitive world that often requires us to respond quickly to unexpected obstacles and adversity. We find ourselves needing the mental toughness to make critical decisions when conditions are far from perfect.


When the unexpected happens to you—and it will—what should your first response be? And how will that response move you out of your situation?

What Is Mental Toughness and Why Do You Need It?

Mental toughness identifies productive patterns of behavior and creates new ways of thinking about obstacles and adversity that face us in life. It is the ability to choose our response to an environment that is constantly shifting so we are more prepared to deal with our situation.

Mental Toughness is the birthplace of personal leadership development. It is not putting on blinders to keep moving ahead regardless of the circumstances. Instead, it is about using heart, positive thinking, a flexible mindset, training, and persistence to move toward peak performance.

Strong minds are mentally tough because they identify productive patterns of behavior that help them become successful in areas that are important to them. Once individuals understand their behavioral patterns, they can choose to respond from a place of strength when confronted with risk and uncertainty in unpredictable situations.

Mental toughness is not something youʼre born with; it is a quality that you can develop with experience and coaching by:

  • Saying no to your self-limiting beliefs
  • Rewiring your brain for new patterns of behavior
  • Empowering yourself when confronted with adversity
  • Cultivating the attitude of positivity
  • Surrounding yourself with people who build you up
  • Leading from the heart
  • Using tough love, not soft love
  • Becoming comfortable with discomfort
  • Creating a mindset of persistence and determination
  • Moving past success and toward peak performance

Five Experts Share What It REALLY Takes to Succeed in Business and Life

These five experts will share their techniques on how theyʼve used mental toughness to overcome obstacles to create success. Each one will offer practical steps from their personal stories and experiences to help you succeed in business and life.

In this training series, you will learn how to:

  • Fail in order to succeed
  • Create flexible mindsets
  • Understand how heart is the key to success
  • Press into the unknown with confidence
  • Discover how to choose your attitude


LaRae Quy


LaRae Quy was an undercover and counterintelligence FBI agent for 24 years. She exposed foreign spies and recruited them to work for the U.S. Government. As an FBI agent, she developed the mental toughness to survive in environments of risk, uncertainty, and deception. Faced with stressful and fast-moving situations, she needed to move through barriers if she was to succeed.

LaRae is the founder of the Mental Toughness Center and the author of Secrets of A Strong Mind.



Lolly Daskal

Monday March 24th
“Heart is the Unexpected Ingredient to Mental Toughness”

  • Using tough love, not soft love
  • Leading from the heart
  • Why tapping into heart is essential for mental toughness

Lolly Daskal is the Founder of Lead from Within, a global consultancy. Clients range from heads of state and CEOs of large multinational companies to budding entrepreneurs, all of whom are dedicated to helping cultivate the right values, vision and culture for individuals and organizations.

Daskalʼs coaching, consulting and speaking use a heart-based leadership approach designed to help people to achieve their full potential to make a difference in the world.

The Huffington Post called Lolly, “One of the Most Inspiring Women in the World” and acknowledged her as one of the Top Thought Leaders to follow on Twitter. Trust Across America has recognized her as one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior.

Lolly is the author of the best selling book “Thoughts Spoken From the Heart: Over 500 Thoughts That Bring Meaning to Your Life.”

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Dean Karnazes

“Pushing the edge of human achievement”

  • Pushing the edge of human achievement
  • How to use the mind as a muscle
  • Moving through discomfort zones

Dean Karnazes is an ultra-marathon runner. He has run 350 continuous miles, run across Death Valley in 120 degree temperatures, and run a marathon to the South Pole in negative 40 degrees. He ran 50 marathons, in all 50 US states, in 50 consecutive days, finishing with the NYC Marathon, which he ran in three hours flat.

A graduate of USF’s McLaren School of Business & Management, Dean is an accomplished businessman with a notable professional career working for several Fortune 500 companies and startups alike.

TIME magazine named Dean Karnazes as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.” He has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and 60 Minutes. Dean is also a motivational speaker and the author of several best selling books, including Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner, 50/50: Secrets I Learned Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days, and Run! : 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss.

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Renita Kalhorn

“The Role of Peak Performance in Mental Toughness”

  • Why success and peak performance are not the same thing
  • How to increase mental toughness under pressure
  • Recognizing when youʼre performing at peak performance

Renita Kalhorn has been a student of peak performance since beginning piano lessons at the age of 5. By the age of 10, she was winning prizes in national competitions and performing with orchestra. She is a Juilliard-trained pianist and a martial arts black belt with an MBA.

As the founder of Step Up Your Game Now, Renita brings the strategies and tactics of high performance to the business world where she provides leadership development and mental toughness training to entrepreneur CEOs, Fortune 500 executives and their teams. She also mentors Navy SEAL candidates in mental toughness.

As mental toughness mentor in this program, she shares techniques and strategies on a range of topics from goal-setting, breath control and visualization to interview preparation and communication skills.

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Karin Korb

Karin Korb

“How Mental Toughness Helps Break Through Barriers”

  • How to break barriers
  • Overcoming emotional paralysis
  • Dealing with adversity

Karin Korb is a two-time Paralympic champion and one of the top wheelchair tennis players in the world. She promotes physical and spiritual wellness as a public speaker and motivational leader by teaching at multiple sports camps and clinics throughout the year.

Karin was a gymnast and aerobics instructor before a fall while vaulting which left her paralyzed at age 17. She has a graduate degree in sports management from Georgia State and is the founder of “Divability: Mine, Yours, Ours,” an organization that empowers young women and girls with disabilities.

Karin also works with disabled military veterans who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, limb loss, and paralysis.

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Gary Lopers

Gary Loper

Positivity is the First Step Toward Mental Toughness”

  • How positive thinking can change your life
  • How to tell whether the inner voice is fear or intuition
  • How leaders can use positivity to their advantage

Gary Loper is a highly respected entrepreneur, social media expert, and successful coach. He has dedicated every day of the past 25 years to personal development. His lifelong enthusiasm and passion is to assist individuals in becoming their best.

As a coach in social media, Gary has been instrumental in helping others to build huge followings. His specific guidelines help them to attract customers to their websites and shift their business to a level of success.

As a motivational speaker, he provides unique insights into how positive thinking and personal growth can lead to success in life and business.

Gary has had media appearances on Blog Talk Radio, among many others. He is the author of 3 eBooks: Master the Twitterverse, Guide to Getting More Followers, 37 Keys to Building Better Networking Relationships, and Learn About the 20 Secrets to Building Better Love Relationships.

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Trish Jenkins

Trish Jenkins

“Courage: An Essential Ingredient for Mental Toughness”

  • Why integrity is so important for courage
  • Why self-pity is never the answer
  • Why courage is all about doing the right thing

Trish Jenkins did not intend for prison to be part of her career path. But Trish found herself on the wrong side of the Corporations Act in 2010 and was prosecuted for fraud. After losing her home, Trish spent 8 months in prison in Queensland, Australia. She not only experienced shame and degradation, she was isolated from her husband and 3 daughters.

Upon her release, Trish was unemployable, mentally and emotionally shattered, and afraid of the world. Instead of succumbing to self-pity, Trish knew her response to her adversity would determine how well she recovered from it. She resolved to turn her prison experience into an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those around her. Today, she is an international speaker, author, and entrepreneur.

Her books include: “Dangerous Wealth – What Every Successful Woman Needs to Know to Avoid Being Ripped Off!” and “Weapons of Cash Destruction – Protect Your Fortune from Fraud!”

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