Republication Policy

I love that my posts and other content strike a chord with you, and I’m thrilled when you want to share them. However, I do have rules regarding republication. Copying, republishing, repurposing or editing and reusing my content, without permission, will not be tolerated.

A note about copyright from Google: “The way to ensure that your blog or website doesn’t infringe someone else’s copyright is to use your skills and imagination to create something completely original. If it’s all yours, you never have to worry about the copyright—you own it! If you want to republish content from another author or creator, make sure to get their authorization first.”

To be clear, you do not have permission to take material from my website and reuse or republish it, with the three exceptions noted below.


  • You may publish an unedited quote of 100 words or less from the original page or post with a link to the original page or post without permission – we reserve the right to rescind your use.
  • If you republish a partial post, it must be exactly as it appears on with all links intact.
  • Special permission needs to be granted in order to republish more than 100 words. Full articles or quotes of more than 100 words are not permitted to be republished without our written permission.